A fast file delivery service packed with features for creative professionals

At Digital Pigeon we know how difficult it can be to manage batches of large files between agencies and clients. So we’ve built this solution just for you.

Here at Digital Pigeon we are about more than just file sending.
Our services are tailored to meet your needs and include a number of features to save your precious time and increase the value you deliver to clients.

Finally, a file delivery solution for your needs

Custom Branding

You’re a professional at a creative firm and you know that every touch-point your clients have with you reflects upon your image, brand, and reputation. That’s why we’ve given you the tools to easily create custom branded, professional looking file pickup pages for your recipients.

Media Previews

Recipients can preview rich media including large images and video straight from their browser without having to download the files first. Great for providing quick feedback and helping your clients pick their favourites from a group of samples or proofs.

Fast Global Servers

We're the fastest file delivery service around. Digital Pigeon has download and upload speeds 10 times faster than its major competitors. With dedicated servers around the globe we get your files where they need to be fast! Our streamlined easy to use interface lets you stop wasting time trying to manage large groups of files and get straight to sending.

We also have a free desktop app that allows easy drag and drop style file management, enables faster upload and download speeds than traditional web browsers are capable of, and lets you pause and resume downloads even if your internet or computer drop out. Get your files there faster! Digital Pigeon makes meeting delivery deadlines a breeze.

Notifications and Tracking

Digital Pigeon provides up-to-date information on when your clients and recipients have viewed or downloaded your files. Say goodbye to wasting your valuable time chasing up clients to make sure they’ve received your files. With our mobile app you can even get up to date notifications of file delivery when you’re on the go.

“Digital Pigeon is brilliantly designed. It has become essential for our business.”

Hamish Macdonald
Executive Producer

“We never have to wonder if our clients have received the files. We love it. You can quote me on that.”

Luke Mazzaferro

“If we can't deliver on time our clients will look elsewhere. Digital Pigeon delivers our files quickly, accurately and branded with our logo. Clients need look no further!”

Andrew Stevenson
Sound Designer

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